08 Mar

Carnival day!

Just a week after our 100th day we arrived to Carnival week. 

We have a Circus theme in school this year. 
This is my first year in this school, I heard that last year it was Fairy Tales… I wish I could have seen it.

Anyway, the whole school is decorated with a Circus Theme. 
First Graders are Tamers. Isn’t that cool?  First we drew awesome lions to decorate the halls. I love using directed drawing with my kiddos.  These lions were a huge hit! We took the idea from this blog Spot of Color. It says that the idea is from a different source but I just can’t find it, sorry. 
But you should definitely visit the blog if you need art ideas. 
 Then all the firstgraders drew tamers (directed drawing too) and they voted to pick one each class. We used this to enlarge it so all the class could participate painting. I love how it looks.
Then we created the outfits for the Carnival Parade. They looked soooo cute I wish I could post the photos. 
This Parade is a big tradition here in Valencia. The kids create the outfits in the school out of plastic bags. It is quite simple and I love that all the kids are able too wear the same costume.
This one was so easy that they even helped to create it.
And the parents bought the hats to complete them.
Did I tell you they looked great ? 🙂

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