30 Apr

maths review

It looks like my last post had many views! Thank you everybody for coming!
To celebrate I will share one of my students favorite games.
When Summer is almost here they start feeling bored about mental math, so last year I came up with this idea during the Summer to have them enjoy this practice again. I was doing some cleaning at home when I found some board games my mother wanted to donate. This was a disgusting board game that consisted on picking inside this man’s nose. The winner was the one that made his brain jump. Disturbing…I know.
So a few weeks ago I introduced my first graders to “El SeƱor Mocoso”. I was a bit worried but they loved it!
So here is what we do. I ask them three rounds of addition problems and the one that guess 2 o more win the chance of picking inside his nose… If anybody pulls out the brain they get a round of applause from their classmates. 
This silly game has returned their motivation. 


  1. Gross!! But, kids like gross stuff! I know my first graders would love this game. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am your newest follower! Thanks for being a follower of Third Grade Love. I bet your kids had so much fun with that game. My kids would love it too!
    Third Grade Love

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