13 Jun

Working on tests this week

I have been really busy this week. We have 7 days left. We are having our tests done, finishing some crafts, putting all the students work together to take home.
I have been wanting to write a post about organization for a long time, but I was looking at my messy desk today and didn’t feel like I could help anybody about organization. LOL
You can see my desk with my super teacher binder (I have everything in it!), a pile of tests (poor little firsties…so many tests in just two weeks), my calendar(you can’t really see how full it is), my TO DO list (standing on that red ball) and my individual rubrics for each kid (under the calculator).
It is a pain going over every score, but we HAVE to do it.

On the other hand, we are doing some cute crafts and getting ready for the Summer. It’s not all about tests!
All the first and second grade teachers are doing this little piggy banks. Each kid is painting it with their favorite color and we will add polka dots next Friday. Don’t you just love my under the sea tablecloth? 🙂


  1. Hang in there, the end is near 🙂 I would love to hear about your organization, I love organization ideas!
    First Grade Dual

  2. Kinder Fun says:

    I so glad you stopped by my blog and commented! I love your blog!!!

  3. Teacher Cova says:

    i love your blog!!
    donde trabajas?? yo en Badajoz, en una guardería, el año proximo me toca en la clase de los niños de 2-3 años, y con tu permiso te copiare unas cuantas ideas!!
    un saludo

  4. Lita Lita says:

    Hola Cova! He visto la guardería. Qué pasada que sea bilingüe. You trabajo en Alicante en un cole público, por eso no puedo publicar fotos de los nanos.
    No sé si te servirá algo para niños tan pequeños, pero para eso está. 🙂

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