22 Mar

Spring brings flowers to the classroom!

We are finishing our plants unit and the kids wanted to make BIG flowers. I have done lots of guided drawing and print and go craftivities with them so I decided they were ready to create on their own.

We revised the parts of the plant  with Parts of a plant foldable and I created a big anchor chart with their help. 
I explained all the steps and we decided how many sheets of paper they would use and how big their flowers would be.
Then we started. It took us two sessions but it was worth it. 
We also added ten sunflower seeds on each flower.

I am a teacher…  I thought I could use this activity as an evaluation so I created this labels to be completed and added to the final craft.
Click HERE to get the labels in English & Spanish.

29 Mar

Plants experiment freebie

Before starting our plants unit we did a fun experiment.
We planted 6 plants in different conditions and observed them during a week.
We had a worksheet to register all the data. You can get it FREE to use it with your students.
Click on the picture!

And don’t forget making our plants foldable (What do plants need) when you finish this experiment with your students. It is a good review to learn what do plants need.
Two different plants foldables for your classroom for.Click on the flower picture!