29 Oct

Halloween party!



We have been having fun all week! We started with a scary story on Monday. It is included in my Ordinals pack. It is a ghost story to review ordinals. The kids loved being able to change the little boy faces.


Today we earned a big celebration.
I told my kids that my grandma was a witch and she left me a brew recipe. I have shared a blank pattern so you can create your own. 🙂
We filled ours and then we moved on with the brew.
We started our brew! If you are interested in the witch craftivity check out the previous post.
To set the table I used IKEA plates, glasses, napkins and confetti. It was quite cheap. With every step we added it to our recipe.
All the ingredients were pretty simple: milk, sugar, yogurt, cocoa, nutella, cream…
Each kid got a small glass with brew. They loved it!
Don’t forget our GIVEAWAY!!!


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