23 Feb

Thousand club and valentine late…

This year I am teaching Secondgraders. My kids were jealous about the 100th day celebration in the first grade classroom. So I decided to do something and celebrate.
I created a small packet with hundred charts: The Thousand Club. I printed the charts half sized, they were excited. They love the miniworksheets and so do I. Less printing paper, size, time… Just perfect for this time of the year!
It is an easy center. They just grab a chart, fill it and add it on the thousand club bulletin board. It works as a motivator and reminder. The kids check which was the last chart they were working on and then they go with the next one.
 Of course not everyone is motivated in the same way and at the same time … So I got some smelly markers for next week. I hope I can fill those empty spaces without pushing anyone. 😉
About Valentine day… I was exhausted. We did lots of cute things. But the Butterfly poem was my favorite. I cannot share it because it is not my activity, but I can tell you it was really good and my kids loved creating those poems on their own. If I ever get my coworker in the blogging world I will tell you. 🙂
We also did some crafts. We created beautiful lanterns with mason jars
I love how beatiful they looked together. I wish I had a better photo. But they got sold pretty quick during the Valentine Solidarity Market.


  1. Carmen says:

    Great activities and ideas. Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Hi Lita! I just wanted to let you know that someone recreated one of your printables and I think is giving it away to her readers. I traced the traffic back from the link and found this post:

    They linked it to this post where I shared about your foldable that my class put together:


  3. Hi Lita, Dónde puedo encontrar el template de los números de 1000 para que mis estudiantes los practiquen?. Me gusta la idea de los colores. Yo estoy en el Estado de Illinois trabajando para un programa dual. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo!

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