20 Sep

What have you been pinning lately?

I have been in school for two weeks, working hard on lesson planning and creating stuff for my classroom.

I am looping with my last year firsties and I love it! These weeks are all about refreshing our classroom rules again. Summer is very long and they tend to forget about lining up and so on.

On the other hand I have been more on pinterest than blogging this week. I find it relaxing pinning lots things I can create for my classroom that I will never do.

So I wanted to share my favorite boards:

CLEVER TEACHERS: I pin all those great ideas that I need to copy from blogs.
CLASSROOM: ORGANIZATION: If my mom reads this she is going to laugh at this. But I love classroom organization! In fact, my classroom is more organized than my home. 🙂
MY TEACHER WISHLIST: All that cool stuff I want to buy for me or my classroom.
READING IS FUN: All kind of ideas to make reading even more exciting in my classroom.
K-2 ARE SCIENTIST TOO: Some great ideas from the web. We don’t have science textbook this year so I need all the ideas I can get.
I TEACH SPANISH: There are not many resources in Spanish, so I pin ideas that I can use later.
And many more…
Check out my Pinterest boards and tell me about your own!

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  1. Lucia13 says:

    Hi there,I am also a teacher of Spanish so am looking for Spanish resources.I hope we could collaborate.
    Here are my Pinterest boards

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