23 Aug

Therapeutic Thursday

Sorry about not linking yesterday… But I was totally unable to show where I teach. 
I teach in Spain and we don’t go back to school until September. 
But I can tell you what I do to relax!I live by the sea. I love relaxing with some friends. My town has lots of tourism and we have many beautiful places to have a drink by the sea. I took this photo yesterday!

I also love reading and running! I started some months ago with a friend. I try to do it twice a week.

Another thing that helps me relaxing is drawing! I have always loved drawing but never showed it to anyone. Recently I was brave enough to post my drawings on Teachers Pay Teachers and I am so happy seeing all my clip art on others’ products and all over Pinterest!


  1. Erica Bohrer says:

    I love those sneakers!!!

  2. Ash says:

    I love your clip art! They are so adorable! How do you turn your pen drawings into digital clip art?

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