18 Aug

This is me!

HI! This is me!

I don’t post about myself very much but I wanted to join the linky fun and then I saw a great 10 things about me in Amy Lemon’s blog. So here I am!
I am linking with BLOG HOPPIN’ I hope you join the fun! 🙂
These are a few things about me:
I will be teaching second grade this year. I am looping with my firsties to second grade.
I used to teach in Kinder during Specials but this year I will be an Art teacher! I am superexcited about it! I will teach art to first and second graders. 🙂
This year I started in a new school/home/town. I am so happy to be back to my hometown. I love hanging out with my old friends.
And talking about friends, I attended the Vegas conference this Summer. It was a long trip from Spain… but so worth it. I have learned lots of new things to use in my classroom AND I have met my old blogger friends. I have been talking to some of them for ages and this was the first time I saw them.

I don’t have photos of everyone… I was way too nervous excited to think about photos. 
In the first photo you can see my bilingual friends. Check them out! They have great ideas to teach Spanish.
I also met Erica Bohrer. She was a  speaker at the conference and she shared good stuff. She is very sweet! Thanks Erica.
Then I visited the Freebilicious booth. I love that photo with Maria Manore and Jennifer White. I’m sure you already know them. They have the cutest blogs/classrooms ever!
Both of them are great photographers. 
Maria teaches Kinder in a small school. I have used lots of resources from her in my first grade classroom. And now she is creating Spanish resources too. ¡GRACIAS!
Jennifer teaches First grade too. She makes the cutest craftivities you’ll see them soon in my blog as I’ll use them this year in Art.
And last… Tabitha Carro! We have been sending mails for some time and I knew we will be good friends. We spent all the time we could together! I was glad that they both spoke Spanish. 
I’m already missing everyone! You know you are all invited to visit us if you ever come to Spain. 


  1. Muchas Gracias – I studied Spanish in college, and even lived abroad for a little while… but I can't say I remember much of it.

  2. Carol Davis says:

    I learned to swim in Spain! That's about our only connection, but nice to meet you anyway! My family was vacationing in Spain when I was about 10 and I learned in a pool at a camp ground- also dipped my toes in the Mediterranean!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

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