24 Oct

Halloween in my classroom and BOO!

We don’t celebrate Halloween in my school. In fact, we did not had it in the stores until a couple of years ago. In Spain we have something called Todos Santos. It’s a family tradition. We go to visit our dead family members and friends to the graveyard and take them flowers.
There are some scary stories that say that those days dead people can communicate with us and so on…
So in my school we celebrate our ‘Scary Week’. During next week we read and write scary stories.

We started thinking of scary vocabulary and wrote all the words on the blackboard  The kids had to copy 8 of them on to their bats/spiders. I love giving them chance to choose.

In the middle they wrote something like: I’m not scared!
 The patterns were printed onto colored paper. So this was a quick activity. I only added some clouds and a moon onto the bulletin paper and that’s all! And instant ‘mini’ bulletin board.
If you want to create this, check out my Bat Facts or my Spider Facts printables.
You can see another great example of a Bats bulletin board here. Thanks, Rachel from A-B-Seymour!!!
I have been boo-ed by First grade Fingerprints Check out this great blog to find great ideas, freebies, pinterest boards to follow, arts and crafts!
These are my Halloween products:
Some cards for your students and a fun craftivity. We will be using it next week to hold our spooky stories!

I love creating science fold and learn activities to mix science and art. They make beautiful bulletin boards as you can see. 😉

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Check out Krista’s blog. She teaches second grade bilingual.
She has tons of great ideas and she is supercreative.


  1. karen says:

    Great Blog and activities! I'm your latest follower. I would love for you to check out my blog as well.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Thanks for the link! My kiddos absolutely loved making those bats and they have been such a hit in our hallway!

    The art teacher wants to keep a few to enter into the art fair next year!! 🙂


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