10 Aug

My vista Print order finally arrived!

Back to school is still far away (we don’t go back until September). But all those sales, linkies and classroom photos make me feel like I am ready to go back.
Checking all those incredible blogs I decided joining  CHRISTINA BAINBRIDGE linky party about vistaprint:
. She has hosted a wonderful post with great ideas for Vistaprint orders. I assume that most of you know about Vistaprint. But if you don’t you should check the site: Printed resources for almost nothing!
I could hardly wait for my Vistaprint creations to arrived and here they are! I know I could have been a little more patient and have done the photos on my table to make them look better… (But it is actually full of some back to school projects).  So here I am opening it on the floor and spreading everything to show you some pics:

We are required a test every month or so on each subject and these are my little cards to inform families about the results of a test. It says something like ‘I got an __ on math/science…’
These stickers are to announce a test. Students stick them in their diaries to remember the date. They say something like: ‘Math test: do your homework and study the multiplication tables.’
I always send home homework related to the test during that week to reinforce it a little bit.
I have some blank magnets too. What can I use them for? I don’t know yet, but they were free so I got them!
 And last, I did this Reading club cards to inform about the reading rules. They use them as a bookmark.
I also got those diplomas. It says something like ‘Congratulations! After so much studying you learned your time tables.’ It really sounds better in valenciano… On the back I can write down the dates when they master each table.
And now you have seen everything in my Vistaprint order. I can’t wait to show it to my students. 🙂
Thanks Christina for your linky party, now I can think of more ideas and set a new order!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Your items look great!

    I'm already planning my next order too!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

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