23 Jun

School is over! Summer plans

I have been working really hard on this last week. We had our teachers meeting to complete the grades and we had to prepare a big party for the last day.
Yesterday was my last day of school (with kids). We will go next week to clean our classroom and have some meetings. 
We had a great time yesterday.
I can’t share photos, but I can tell you that we had lots of fun. We started the day with some music games in the classroom and a big breakfast. Then, we went to the playground and played water games. It was a great end for a great year. I will miss them during Summer, but we will meet again in second grade.
I can’t believe how fast this year has passed. I have a long list for this Summer. I have started drawing my new clip art sets. I am so excited a even bought myself some new drawing markers.

Here you have my new Tooth Set.

You can download the preview and get the tooth fairy for free!

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