26 Apr

Verbs unit

We are finishing our verbs unit and I just uploaded it to TPT.
We have been very busy, learning a lot with this unit. My students enjoyed making verb lists so much that today I found a ‘Funny verb list’. I wish I had taken a photo but it was something like: mear, cagar… I couldn’t help laughing, now I know it was a meaningful unit for them.
Some of the activities we enjoyed the most were the Time Travel Machine and making up silly stories about the past or the future. When I become 20 years old I will be an astronaut and I will discover a new planet….

We had a funny story about someone’s mother that did not have a 3DS as a kid and had nothing to play with. Too funny!


  1. These games are great! I am always looking for good quality online activities in Spanish! Thanks so much for sharing- I am going to introduce them to my kids as place value review on Monday!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  2. Oops…I think I may have commented on the wrong post- haha…the last comment was for the math games you posted most recently! But your verb activities are adorable as well!


  3. Super CAAAUUUTE!!! LOVE your blog!

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