16 Apr

Last day of Spring Break

Today is my last day of Spring Break, or what I call ‘PLANNING DAY’. I’ve been working on my week plans for the whole day.

The good news are that I will be able to start my animals unit with my students. 
The bad news are that my TPT work is a bit ‘delayed’. Many things in progress but nothing ready to be posted.

Here are the things I’m working on. Stay tuned during next weeks.

So what have you been teaching lately? Our animals unit is the last one of the year. Which are your next units?

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  1. Pamela Fulk says:

    Thanks for commenting on my plants post. I'm glad I found you. I am teaching my animals and habitats unit last and we just started it this week. We are also growing silkworms, so that is a lab book for observations and notes that we do every few days. Nice meeting you. I am your newest follower.

    First Class Teacher

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