15 Nov

Bye bye Fall

We have been working on Proper Nouns and Common nouns. If you have been following for a while you know that I would not miss the opportunity to create a craft. So we created these Fall trees and I asked the kids to classify the nouns (Proper Nouns on the left/Common Nouns on the right). We also added the definition in the little boxes.
Get the pattern here (English & Spanish). I added some blank leaves to write their own nouns.
On the other hand I finished my Fall crafts with the first grade classrooms. I love being the Art Teacher! We created cute Fall leaves in a very short session. 
First we glued a leave in the middle of a yellow paper. Then added some colorful strips of paper as borders. 
The kids added the eyes made of punched circles and drew the arms and legs. It worked great and they were really proud of them! :)

I did not invented this craft myself I just used a cheap version of this one leaf people from Mess for Less.


  1. I want to do this with my Kinders but did the leaves all crumble after a while?

    1. Lita Lita 29 October, 2015

      Yes. Most of them crumbled. I tried my best to choose the yellow ones that tend to last longer. I hope this helps. Thanks

      1. Brush them with ModPodge after decorating and they will last longer.

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