05 Apr

Easter bunnies and addition rainbows

Another good week in our classroom. We had Open House so a lots of projects were going on. We drew Easter bunnies and introduced addition with regrouping.
My students understood the regrouping concept very fast so I moved on with the practice.
We used these colorful rainbows to review at the end of the week and they loved them.Each student got 7 paper strips. Once the addition is solved they out them in order from greatest to least.

You will notice that I have “cleaned” the clouds because they had written their names. But they looked colorful as they used markers and trace each letter with a different color.


If you want to use the activity click  HERE to download it.
Print each page on a different color. Each page  has 5 addition lines. So if you had 15 students, I know I am too lucky, you would need to print each color page just 3 times.  And then one cloud for each kid.


We also did our Easter bunnies. This year I went with a super easy pattern.
After mixing the colors they drew straight horizontal lines on a paper (see picture in the beginning of the post). Then I drew on the blackboard the steps and they created the masterpieces on their own.


Check other Easter bunnies from last year or where I got the pinspiration Pinterest bunny.




  1. Those bunnies are totally precious! I love your regrouping rainbows, too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We'll be making those rainbows for sure. If we have time, I'd love to make those bunnies, too. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!
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  3. What kind of paint did you use? I love the pastel quality.

  4. Thank you, girls! I used regular tempera paint, but we added white to make softer colors.

  5. so sweet:)))

  6. I love these activities. I can’t wait to share the rainbow addition activity with my students. Thank you so much!

  7. Love these! What size paper did you use?

    1. Lita Lita 12 August, 2017

      I used A3.

    2. Lita Lita 12 August, 2017

      Thank you! I used cardstock. Size A3.

  8. These turned out so cute with my 6 and 10 year olds! Thank you! I love process art.

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