05 Sep

GoNoodle ’s Back to School Blogger Blitz

gonoodle español

I just love GoNoodle! My kids love it too. And it is free!

What else can you ask for?

Some of my teacher friends don’t use it because it is not in Spanish. But this it can be easily adapted.

Here you can see a screenshot I took of my computer.

My kids do not understand most of the brain breaks. They find them funny but they just don’t understand. So what I do is that I use the dance/run ones. They even catch some of the lyrics. Zumba is easy but their favorite is Koo Koo Kagaroo.

One of the things that I like about GoNoodle is Maximo or the other relaxing videos. My kids don’t understand them at all. They just can’t follow.

What can you do? Just click on the YouTube icon and add what you need. We all have our favorite Spanish songs, chants… I added some relaxing ones and the times tables songs. So worth it!

Once you have the videos that you like you just use them in the classroom.

gonoodle español3

As soon as we started GoNoodling in the classroom parents asked me about it. You can invite them to use it at home by sending a letter home.

gonoodle español2

I have created some Spanish posters. Feel free to use them 🙂 There are some great printables on the GoNoodle blog too.

Another great thing about GoNoodle is that you can buy lots of goodies on their GoNoodle store. My kids went crazy when I gave them tattoos last year. I may get some pencil for my new firsties.

gonoodle español4

Remember to use the Back to School code if you want to get some goodies.

gonoodle discount code


Thanks for reading the whole post! I am having a little giveaway. You can win 25 GoNoodle pencils.

EVERYONE can participate. Even international teachers. 🙂

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  1. Julie says:

    Hi! I used to work in an American School in Spain. Now I am a Spanish Immersion teacher in NYC. I love GoNoodle but I have to use only Spanish in my class. I was wondering if you can share some ways you use it in Spanish. Can you recommend any activities from GoNoodle that don’t require volume perhaps so I can turn off the English. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

    • Lita Lita says:

      Hi Julie. I think that you can use the counting games without volume. But if you want your Spanish speakers to learn you’d better use some youtube videos with songs in Spanish.

    • Ana says:

      I teach in a Spanish Immersion classroom and I too use gonoodle. We use the Maximo videos, the first few times we do the yoga videos i play the sound along with spanish subtitles after the third time of that video I’ll mute the videos and have on Spanish subtitles, the kids have to read what to do next.

  2. Keon says:

    I teach Spanish class we like to do Maximo Lavetete

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