02 Mar

100th day of school!

We did it!
Last week we finally reached our 100th day!
This is not a usual celebration in Spain so it was the first time that it was celebrated in my new school. The kids had lots of fun.
The three first grade classrooms celebrated it and I can tell you that the three first grade teachers had lots of fun preparing it. We are a great team.
We started the day with some counting and lots of excitement when handing out our 100 sparkling masks.
Then we played Celebrating 100 MOVE IT! from Primary Techie. It is FREE!
We also created long 1-100 ‘rulers’ to take home.
Snack time was a big hit. Each kid was allowed to eat 100 things. 
We used mini cookies, peanuts, popcorn… Not all the kids finished it but they loved it. And it helped us counting by tens.

 We also created a craftivity. This gumball machine is still hanging in our rooms. They were given 10 different colors to paint 10 gumballs with each color. 
 The kids brought their 100 collections in plastic bottles. We kept them in the classroom and we used them in our math center as we are currently studying weight.
They like finding out the heaviest collection and comparing them. 

It was a little stressful as it was only a week before Carnival (a big celebration in Spain)
I’ll post some photos next week.

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