21 May

Give away reminder, my new craftivity and Summer games

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
44 new followers in less than a week!
If you haven’t entered the give away there are only three days left.
Last week was a great week in school. We still have classes till June 22nd. We are practising our writing abilities with lots of fun prompts.
Today I am presenting my newest writing prompt. I think it is the easiest, the more creative and the cutest. Yes, it’s my favorite:
A small writing prompt to create your own ice cream shop and write about your favorite ice-cream flavor.
We will be doing it next month, but I know some of you are on your last days so you can find it on TPT.
You can use it in English or Spanish.
I will also share some games you can use on your Smart Boards or your students can use at home.
Some Spanish Summer games to practice during Summer Holidays.
It is divided into 3 categories:
INFANTIL (3-5year-olds.)
PRIMARIA (1st-6th grade)
SECUNDARIA (7th grade and above)

Enjoy your last days of school!

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