22 Apr


I just bought the coolest book ever to teach the alphabet to my students. 

It is actually an adults design book. But could I resist an alphabet pop up book. No way!
Here is a video I found on youtube so you can see it. It’s totally worth it. My students love it.
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and don’t forget using the CODE, you will get a 10% OFF and it’s free shipping worlwide.

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13 Apr

Where can I buy cheap books?

World book day (April 23) is a great event in my school. I try presenting good books to my classroom on that day and we have a read aloud every day during that week.
If you teach Spanish, like I do, you’ll know that it is difficult finding cheap translations into Spanish.
10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book DepositoryI found this website a few years ago and I love it. I have been a good customer and decided to become an affiliate as I love sharing good offers with friends and colleagues.
So, if you click on the banner and buy some books for your classroom I will be able to get some money for my next giveaway. It won’t cost you nothing and you get a
And you can find all the English book deals as well.
Don’t miss this opportunity, it’s a great big deal on BRAND NEW BOOKS.