02 May

Five for Friday

This is my very first time linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I have enjoyed this linky on other blogs so I thought I could participate this week.
Yes! We did it. The page is completely blank… But I am learning how to use it and soon I will add some fun. 
We have internet in the classroom! This may sound weird for many of you. But this year I moved to a new school with no smartboard and no computers in the classroom. Many parents donated computers at the beginning of the year and now we have internet access. I am excited!

I am working on some end of the year activities for first graders. We still have 2 months to go…

This was in the mail! I ordered a big banner with hundred chart for the classroom! Some kids struggle with number sense and I want to work on it this month. 

Did You hear about the blog hop? It will start tomorrow. I do not participate on this one it but I know some good friends that are participating. Visit Flapjack educational resources,  Second Grade Superkids or Fun Monkey Bars tomorrow!

FlapJack Educational Resources

The Second Grade Super Kids and Beyond

12 Mar

Monday made it!

I know… It’s Tuesday. But it is my first time joining this linky and I did not want to miss it!

I have had the same velcro boards for years. I use them to display helpers, fast  finishers options and many more.
It looked great at the beginning of the year but then if faded and looked messy.

This year  I have finally changed them:
Both are done with IKEA red magnetic board.
 I just printed the jobs, laminated them and added some old vistaprint magnets that were left from back to school. For the helpers board I used some IKEA magnets too. I wrote my students’ numbers on each one of them.

If you look at my window you can see that I LOVE my chalkboard pens and I use them everywhere. 😉

Check out 4th Grade Frolics to see what others did!
Thanks for the linky, Tara!
24 Aug

Freebie Friday!

Today is the last day of the linky party.
I have enjoyed visiting all your blogs, BUT I think today will be a great day for some blog hopping to get all the freebies.

I already told you that I love drawing, and this is my latest creation: Johnny Appleseed.

It is a small freeebie to thank all my teacher friends for their supoort. Enjoy!
Click on the picture to download