02 May

Five for Friday

This is my very first time linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I have enjoyed this linky on other blogs so I thought I could participate this week.
Yes! We did it. The page is completely blank… But I am learning how to use it and soon I will add some fun. 
We have internet in the classroom! This may sound weird for many of you. But this year I moved to a new school with no smartboard and no computers in the classroom. Many parents donated computers at the beginning of the year and now we have internet access. I am excited!

I am working on some end of the year activities for first graders. We still have 2 months to go…

This was in the mail! I ordered a big banner with hundred chart for the classroom! Some kids struggle with number sense and I want to work on it this month. 

Did You hear about the blog hop? It will start tomorrow. I do not participate on this one it but I know some good friends that are participating. Visit Flapjack educational resources,  Second Grade Superkids or Fun Monkey Bars tomorrow!

FlapJack Educational Resources

The Second Grade Super Kids and Beyond

30 Mar

Animals everywhere! Last week photos

This has been a grrrreat week in our classroom! We have learnt about animals. We started with Carnivorous/Herbivorous animals. We used this awesome idea from First Grade Fascination

She has some animals posters for free. 🙂

With this fun craftivity my students understood the different teeth shapes. 

Then we moved on to vertebrates/invertebrates. We created bees (invertebrates) and fish.

I tried using these animals as a reference because they usually have difficulty with fish and insects.
As you can see I am using lots of free drawing craftivities. I have 15 kids in my classroom this year! This makes it super easy to help each one of them without the need of using patterns.
And the results are awesome.
As an assessment I created a simple chart to fill in with foam stickers and just check the characteristics. 
After all that work we got a treat. Animal salted crakers! Can you eat a carnivore animal?

If you are studying animals you can check some animal craftivities here:


19 Mar

Fallas and a giveaway!

Hi everyone!

I have been very busy this week. We are celebrating our Fallas week in Valencia. 
If you don’t know about Fallas, it is a festivity here in Valencia. Falleros create beautiful sculptures that are burned at the end of the week. I suggest you to google about Fallas if you are interested, because my explanation was very poor. 🙂

What is my favorite thing to celebrate in the classroom? We create 3-D paper sculptures as little Fallas.
Kids got very creative adding little characters such as minions and little falleras. 
Then we had our Fallas break and I have spent 5 days walking, seeing monuments, light music and parades. Just beautiful!


Now the giveaway!
Flapjack Educational Resources is having an enormous giveaway! There is only one day left! Good luck!