02 May

Five for Friday

This is my very first time linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I have enjoyed this linky on other blogs so I thought I could participate this week.
Yes! We did it. The page is completely blank… But I am learning how to use it and soon I will add some fun. 
We have internet in the classroom! This may sound weird for many of you. But this year I moved to a new school with no smartboard and no computers in the classroom. Many parents donated computers at the beginning of the year and now we have internet access. I am excited!

I am working on some end of the year activities for first graders. We still have 2 months to go…

This was in the mail! I ordered a big banner with hundred chart for the classroom! Some kids struggle with number sense and I want to work on it this month. 

Did You hear about the blog hop? It will start tomorrow. I do not participate on this one it but I know some good friends that are participating. Visit Flapjack educational resources,  Second Grade Superkids or Fun Monkey Bars tomorrow!

FlapJack Educational Resources

The Second Grade Super Kids and Beyond

22 Mar

Spring brings flowers to the classroom!

We are finishing our plants unit and the kids wanted to make BIG flowers. I have done lots of guided drawing and print and go craftivities with them so I decided they were ready to create on their own.

We revised the parts of the plant  with Parts of a plant foldable and I created a big anchor chart with their help. 
I explained all the steps and we decided how many sheets of paper they would use and how big their flowers would be.
Then we started. It took us two sessions but it was worth it. 
We also added ten sunflower seeds on each flower.

I am a teacher…  I thought I could use this activity as an evaluation so I created this labels to be completed and added to the final craft.
Click HERE to get the labels in English & Spanish.

11 Jan

Christmas and getting ready for winter

We had lots of fun before Christmas break. I wish I had taken more photos.
We had a Grinch day with cute crafts and some writing. Then we watched the film. Can you believe none of my students had heard about The Grinch? They were super excited with the movie.

I bought 

Christmas Print and Play Number Worksheets from Melanie (From the Pond). My students loved the spinner games! It is one of my favorite purchases from TPT.

Our last craft was a big Santa paper craft! Sorry I don’t have the pattern. But it is pretty simple as you can see.

We have also created these cute snowmen to celebrate winter. I have seen this activity all over pinterest. 

Each student has drawn their own pieces for the collage- I love that they all look different.
As soon as we came from Christmas break we celebrated Los Reyes Magos. I have some resources from last year.
Kids brought their new toys. Then we talked about the cabalgata(parade) and their Roscón the Reyes (traditional cake).
They toys have been in the classroom about a week and I can say that they have been sharing them and taking care of them.
Our next goal is writing. We will be doing some writing activities. 
You’ll find this snowman writing in my TPT store: How to make a snowman craftivity