29 Oct

Halloween writing and the triplets!

Today we finished our Halloween writing craftivity. It was a big hit! My students love having different options in their assignments. They were able to choose one of the characters in this writing craftivity.

First, I wrote two word lists. One of funny adjectives and the other one with scary adjectives. They choose a hat and pick out a paper.
There were lots of screams and laughts.. :)

Then they had their story titles.
         ‘The smelly mummy’ or ‘The horrible witch’

We reviewed the parts of a story anchor chart…

And they wrote great stories!

My kids are very excited with our ‘Halloween activities’ and I have tried doing something during our computer time. But it is very difficult finding online games for Halloween in Spanish so I ended using English games from  But if you really need something for preK-1st graders you can visit this site:
It’s about three little girls (tripplets) that travel through different tales and they always find the Boring Witch., wich is very funny. The site is in English too. If you like them you can watch some episodes on CLAN TV.

27 Oct

Halloween sale and Halloween writing

 Are you having a good weekend? I am here working on my next week school plans and I just decided to join and have a TPT sale. I have lots of Halloween resources in my store. It will be on sale until tomorrow Sunday.

This week has been super fun in my classroom. And the kids have been really calm taking into account that the Fun Fair just arrived to our town and are getting ready for our Scary Week.We have been working on bats, learning about our body and getting our scary stories ready. I haven’t been able to take many photos but I promise I will show you my Halloween Writing Craftivity on Monday!This is the only photograph I managed to take without kids. It shows our work about the skeleton bones and  a writing Anchor Chart. We are learning how to write stories.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget checking my TPT store for some Halloween printables!

27 Jun

My new clip art sets giveaway

I am not officially on holiday, but I have already done two of my school clip art sets. I am so proud! 

Check them out at my TPT store and get the freebies in the previews.

I will be giving away my sets to three people, the first three comments on this post will get the clip art set that they choose between these:





– Write your e- mail on your comment.

– Tell me the one you’d like and what are your plans for using it.

Thanks all for participating!