07 Apr

I’m on Spring break, more about Pascua in Spain

I’ve been some days far away from my computer because I’m on Easter break.
You have been really nice on all your comments so I wanted to tell you a bit about Pascua in Spain.
If you have visited Sevilla during Easter you may know about ‘Procesiones de Semana Santa’. But I’m not going to tell you about that, because this is a teaching blog and I’m not in Sevilla. 
I’m going to write about what kids DO during this holiday.
We spend lots of time outside, we get together with family or friends and go for picnics to the mountain or the beach. We have lunch together and kids play all day. After that, we eat MONA. You can find lots of different types of monas: big, small, with boiled egg, with chocolate egg, without egg…
You can eat your mona with, boiled egg,  raw easter sausages or chocolate.

After the snack kids sing some traditional Easter songs and play jumping ropes or kites. I hope You enjoyed reading! Have a good spring-break!

03 Apr

Celebrating Easter

Only two days to our  Spring break. We have had our tests (that came out really well) and everyone is getting their report cards to take home. 

Today we have created an Easter Bunny portrait using markers, watercolors and a cute Easter ribbon I had from last year.

And tomorrow we are going on a trip! We will sing traditional Easter songs (in Spanish, of course) and we will eat some ‘mona’ with chocolate and eggs.