12 Sep

Five senses unit

We have been in school for 4 days now. We are still learning expectations and revising procedures but I am getting ready for my first science unit: OUR BODY.

I have created a small Fold and Learn activity about the 5 senses that you can get in my TPT store. It is quite simple but it will help my students reviewing what we learned last week.
You can do it in English or Spanish.
I have been searching some Spanish online resources to teach the 5 sense and this is what I have found. Some online games with lots of listening that you can use on your Smart Board. I have included some English  because I know that most of you teach in English language classrooms.
 Now I have detailed it a bit so you can quickly see what you’ll find in each site. Just click on the images to visit that game.

Most of these games are for K-2 students. Some of them include teacher resources and printables.

Most of them have cool sounds that and even some videos!

And these are the English resources. The second one is my favorite!

18 Jul

More Space resources

I have almost finished my Science unit!

Today I will be sharing some online resources songs for the planets and a small lapbook I have prepared and you can get on my TPT store.
I will be using it with my second graders but I have adapted it so you can use it almost in any grade.
So starting with the songs I have to say that it is very difficult finding a Spanish song that teaches planets without Plutón. So I just included some and we can always tell the students that it was considered a planet some years ago.
My favorite is the second one. I know it’s really old and the planets are not in order. But I use to sing it as a kid, so I teach it to my students too.

Here you have more good sites to work with your students when teaching about Space.
The first one is for upper students and they can learn about our Solar System.
Lots of facts and some animations.

The second site is great. You can find activities for PreK-K students 1st-6th graders and upper grades too.
In the activities for the younger ones there is a cute theatre activity that presents all the planets.
I will be using it next year.
In the 6-12 year old students you can find  videos, an online animation where your students can pick an astronaut, many facts and some online games.
In the older students section your students will learn facts and some History about Astronomy.
I am participating in Mrs. Castro’s 100 Fabulous Followers giveaway. She is a bilingual teacher in a multi-age classroom. WOW!
 Visit her blog to participate.
11 Jul

Space unit resources

I am currently working on my Space Unit. 

We are required to do this, and other units, from scratch as we don’t use textbooks for Science or Social Studies in my school.
I have started with some planning looking at our Science Common Core Standards (we call them Competencias).
At the end of this unit my Second Graders should be able to understand the explain between day and night, moon phases, a little bit about planets, seasons…
But I just started with the MOON:
This is what I have so far:

Some good read alouds that could cover from K-2.

My favorite is A que sabe la luna? It is a story of a group of animals that want to taste the moon. It is a very sweet story that will teach some team work to my students.

I have also prepared a new science Fold and Learn activity that you can find on my TPT store: Moon Phases Fold and Learn.

I have a inclusion classroom with high diversity so I always try that my crafts work on different levels. 

I have also found this video from Discovery Kids that teaches about the moon.

And I have left the best part until the end, as a little recompense for the ones that have been reading the whole post 😉
You may have use NASA website with your students to teach about Space.
It has been translated into Spanish so I include a link.
(click on the photo)
We have ESA in Europe (European Space Agency). And the good news is that it also has a kids site, and you can read it in many different languages. 

(click on the photo)

I still have much to do on my Space unit but I’d love reading everyone’s ideas on this unit.