18 Feb

More space spanish resources

I have been working on this post for a while. We did a big space project in my school some years ago so we had many online resources to motivate our students.

The first one may be the most useful it has 5 different subjects:

1-Solar system
2-Earth layers
3-Earth representations
4-Earth movements
5-Earth globe.
It has some really good listening explanations with graphics and some activities. It may look for upper grades in the beginning but you’ll find great stuff in there.
Do check the ‘guia del profesor’ for some guidelines.
 This is a good one to find some good reading information about some space missions. It may not have great animations but it is a good source of information for your upper students.

 And last one, I love the graphics on this site. It has some information on one side and beautiful animations on the other. I can tell you that this can inspire beautiful space art.
 If you need more Space resources do check my other blog entries for SPACE and have fun.
02 Jan

Reyes Magos week!

Happy New Year! I know most of you have already gone back to school. I don’t go back until next week. :)

The reason is because we are waiting for the Three Wise Men or Los Tres Reyes Magos.
 I know many bilingual teachers use this resources in their classrooms so I decided to post about my favorite:
Keep reading and you will find lots of online resources, videos, games and even a an online letter.
The first one is a video that you can personalize for your students or your own kids. This was created by a toyshop and was very popular last year. You can choose between Santa or Los Reyes Magos. Try it!

The next one is from Ibi. This is a small town in Alicante (Spain). This town is known for having lots of toys factories. You watch a small video about Ibi or visit La casa De Los Reyes Magos.

This is a simple one that I love. Your students will can create a letter by choosing options. It’s great for reading and for listening, as everything that they choose is read aloud.
This is my Reyes Magos unit. You’ll find a Reyes Magos writing craftivity, a camel facts craft and some fun worksheets. It’s English-Spanish. You can find it in my TPT store.

 And last, some games. The first one is just for fun. It is created by a toy brand. So each time they get a present it opens as a real one… But still fun.

The second one is from a great educational site: VEDOQUE. You will find many options for spanish K-6 stdents.

29 Oct

Halloween writing and the triplets!

Today we finished our Halloween writing craftivity. It was a big hit! My students love having different options in their assignments. They were able to choose one of the characters in this writing craftivity.

First, I wrote two word lists. One of funny adjectives and the other one with scary adjectives. They choose a hat and pick out a paper.
There were lots of screams and laughts.. :)

Then they had their story titles.
         ‘The smelly mummy’ or ‘The horrible witch’

We reviewed the parts of a story anchor chart…

And they wrote great stories!

My kids are very excited with our ‘Halloween activities’ and I have tried doing something during our computer time. But it is very difficult finding online games for Halloween in Spanish so I ended using English games from  But if you really need something for preK-1st graders you can visit this site:
It’s about three little girls (tripplets) that travel through different tales and they always find the Boring Witch., wich is very funny. The site is in English too. If you like them you can watch some episodes on CLAN TV.