28 Sep

Back to school week with No David

back to school week freebies


I finally found some time to share our first week in the classroom.

If you have been following for a while you know that last year I was teaching secondgrade. This year I am back to first and loving every minute.

I will be teaching Art to first and second grade too.

So our first week went superfast as always. I spent most of the time working on transitions and expectations. And I can see some of that now. :)

We started with a small game/chant to know each other and then we made a minibook about our first day in first grade. You can find a similar one here.

back to school minibook

We did first day crowns too. I forgot taking pictures so I am sharing them for free. Click on the picture to download the freebie with English and Spanish crowns (only first and second grade available).
back to school free crowns

During the next days we worked on more rules and expectations, our favorite book was David goes to School or David va al colegio. We read the book and we had a discussion about classroom rules. Lots of don’t pee on the table, or don’t spit in your friend’s schoolbag… I have a funny bunch this year.

No David activities for the first week of school

When we could make a decision I wrote the on an anchor chart and drew David. By the time I was drawing it the kids where drawing it too on their desks. They had never done a directed drawing so I gave them a little help. Feel free to use it with your kids.

no david directed drawing

30 Jul

Miss Nelson is Missing! as classroom management.

Laura Candler has organized a great linky party for all of us: Creating a Caring classroom. Back to school is the perfect time of the year to work on this. The more you work on it the better results you get through the year.
During my teaching years I have tried some classroom management plans. But I always changed them in a couple of years because kids don’t follow I’m not consistent. The one I use now is simpler, fun, creates group sense, it’s FREE and basicly teaches students about our mood thermometer. We need to respect each other and understand that their acts have consequences. 

Visit the rest of the teachers that participate to read about their great ideas!

I discovered Miss Nelson is Missing some years ago. They had a Spanish edition so I bought it as a Back to School Read Aloud.

It was one of my students favourites for many years. They loved the main characters so I decided that I needed to use it somehow.
I created a rainbow and a small pointer. I told my students that sometimes teachers get tired and don’t feel like playing or laughing, sometimes teachers are happy and say jokes.
Then they helped my filling in the rainbow mood thermometer:

PURPLE means SUPERHAPPY like Miss Nelson and we get a point for the end of the term party. 

BLUE means HAPPY and we decided that we could do some Experiments and crafts.
LIGHT BLUE means Read Alouds, concentration music and creative writing.
GREEN means Ready to Learn.
YELLOW means a little UPSET. They need to behave a little better. We can’t use manipulatives or Read Alouds.
ORANGE means quite UPSET. We cannot use the classroom library and we are the last ones that go to the playground during recess.
RED means MAD. I have only arrived here 3 times in two years. This means no trips, no fun and no recess. 
It’s quite simple and even my specialist use it when they are in my classroom. I’ve had lots of compliments.
We start our day on the green zone and then I go changing it when necessary. My kids love arriving to the purple zone because I act like Miss Nelson and start giving lots of non sense funny compliments.
Once I even dressed up as Miss Nelson (blonde wig and cute dress).
I love this management system because it simple, builds community and I don’t spend money on rewards.
I have included two thermometer patterns. Feel free to use them in case you want to try it!
So what do you use in your classroom?
11 Jul

Space unit resources

I am currently working on my Space Unit. 

We are required to do this, and other units, from scratch as we don’t use textbooks for Science or Social Studies in my school.
I have started with some planning looking at our Science Common Core Standards (we call them Competencias).
At the end of this unit my Second Graders should be able to understand the explain between day and night, moon phases, a little bit about planets, seasons…
But I just started with the MOON:
This is what I have so far:

Some good read alouds that could cover from K-2.

My favorite is A que sabe la luna? It is a story of a group of animals that want to taste the moon. It is a very sweet story that will teach some team work to my students.

I have also prepared a new science Fold and Learn activity that you can find on my TPT store: Moon Phases Fold and Learn.

I have a inclusion classroom with high diversity so I always try that my crafts work on different levels. 

I have also found this video from Discovery Kids that teaches about the moon.

And I have left the best part until the end, as a little recompense for the ones that have been reading the whole post 😉
You may have use NASA website with your students to teach about Space.
It has been translated into Spanish so I include a link.
(click on the photo)
We have ESA in Europe (European Space Agency). And the good news is that it also has a kids site, and you can read it in many different languages. 

(click on the photo)

I still have much to do on my Space unit but I’d love reading everyone’s ideas on this unit.