06 Sep

Back to school week!

We are back to school again!
This has been a crazy week. But I am happy to be back in the classroom again. I bought bookmarks in Target during my Summer trip and they loved them.

This year I will be teaching second graders. Half of my students were in my class last year but I wanted all of the them to feel welcomed. 

We made this interview to know more about each other:
The link is at the end of the post 😉
We created some cool badges to have wear on our school bags.

We laminated them so they can last a bit longer.
If you liked this click here to get all the printables.

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for the freebies..they are great! Muchas gracias me los guardo con tu permiso :-)

  2. So no Targets out your way, huh? Thanks for sharing.
    First Grade Dual

  3. spirit, may be facilitated

  4. Love the school badges! Would you possibly have one for Kindergarten?

    1. Lita Lita 5 August, 2015

      I am sorry But I just can’t find the original file.

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